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Turning Point Cabinetry

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Attached is a link for Merillat Essential Cabinetry 
full line catalog.
Merillat Essentials

Merillat Essentials

6-Door Styles / Laminate Options
3-Wood Species
5-Year Limited Warranty


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Merillat Classic

Merillat Classic

20-Cabinet Styles (Including Square and Arch)

5-Wood Species /  Laminate Options
25 Year Limited Warranty

Merillat also has 10 day delivery, with pricing that's hard to beat. Now that's service!!

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Merillat Cabinet Distributor in Will County

Things to consider when shopping for Cabinetry.


  • Work with a professional, like a Merillat Cabinet Distributor in Will County. Look for a  design  professional with experience. A professional designer will answer many of your questions, offer creative suggestions, and help explore economical choices for your kitchen or bathroom project.

  •  Look for a balance of design and functionality. Ask yourself if your kitchen functions well
     with the way you live. The design and style should fit your own personal taste.

  •  Consider the surrounding area. Look for a type of wood that will compliment

           your other furnishings. Choose a cabinet style that enhances other items in the room.

  •  Ask about cabinet warranty. Ask how many years the cabinets are covered and which

        parts of the cabinets are included. A reputable manufacturer will have a solid warranty.


  •  Examine cabinet construction. How are they manufactured, and how much use will they
    receive in your home?
    Also, consider the different types of cabinets offered; stock, semi-custom, custom.
  • Add Style Upgrades. Finishing touches can make a big difference in the  look of the entire room.
    Molding, glazes, and hardware can add a dramatic depth and character to your design.

  • Educate yourself before choosing a manufacturer. Make sure that you choose a

        Merillat Cabinet Distributor  that offers the accessories that you need and want. Ask about everything

        down to the smallest detail; cutting board kits, self closing drawers, etc.

        After all, it's not just about the cabinets.  

                             Whatever your style, think Merillat. Whatever your taste, think Merillat. Whatever your budget, think Merillat Cabinetry.
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