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Kitchen Designer - Above Cabinet Accents

Above Cabinet Trim invokes a certain style and creates height in the room by carrying the beauty of the cabinetry to the ceiling. Choose simple crown or cove. Create a dramatic effect by stacking moldings on top of each other. We have a lot of different styles to choose from as a Kraftmaid Cabinet Distributor in Will County.
Just a few points to consider when selecting the Molding for the top of your cabinetry:
1- Make sure that you have enough room height available
when selecting your desired Accent pieces. You will need an approximate space above your cabinets of  2" to 4 1/2" to accommodate a typical Crown Molding. This size can grow to accommodate a "stacked" molding which can get pretty large.
2- Be sure when you do any "Castling", ( staggered with increased depth and height of a cabinets ) that if the crown molding dies into an adjacent cabinet there is sufficient space for the normal operation of the doors and accessories. Also you will have to decide if you accents will terminate at the ceiling or there will be space above your cabinets for lighting. Your Designer will be able to help you with these issues.
3-Your door overlay will also dictate how some of the molding and trim pieces are mounted, giving a different look to the end result, again consult your Designer for help with these mounting options.
4- Consider  using two different colors and or woods for a little variety or a striking appearance,(see below) Classic Crown with Olive Leaf Insert.
5- You can use a Classic Crown Molding which is manufactured with an "insert area" for different accent pieces, such as Rope Molding, Twist Molding, Egg and Dart, Olive Leaf, etc, the look is very rich and defining, many are shown below.
Olive Leaf Molding  | Kraftmaid Cabinet Distributor Will County
Olive Leaf Molding
Classic Crown with Swirl Insert  | Kraftmaid Cabinet Distributor Will County
Classic Crown with Swirl Insert
Classic Crown with Braid | Kitchen Designer
Classic Crown with Braid
Classic Crown with Olive Leaf Insert  | Kitchen Designer
Classic Crown with Olive Leaf Insert
Classic Crown with Triple Bead
Classic Crown with Rope Twist
Classic Crown with Rope
Large Federal Molding
Large Crown Molding Stack
Classic Crown Oak
Classic Crown with Dentil
XL Cove Crown
Crown and Woven Onlay
Classic Crown with Egg and Dart and Acanthus
Light Rail Mission
Large Cove Casing

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